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The Lipsig Law Firm is dedicated to representing the rights of residents across Queens. We support the individual plaintiffs, those who have been injured and are seeking justice, and have an office conveniently located in Queens along with several others located throughout New York City. For over 80 combined years, our lawyers have successfully obtained personal injury clients the compensation and support they rightfully deserve.

Our firm was founded in 1989 by Harry H. Lipsig, who is also often referred to as “The King of Torts.” Harry was well known and respected across the city. Even New York Magazine termed him “the toughest, most successful personal injury specialist in the country.”

Throughout the course of his prolific legal career,  Mr. Lipsig secured hundreds of millions of dollars for clients. He set new legal standards regularly, and expanded local law. Harry dedicated a large portion of his life to getting deserving victims proper compensation. When he passed away in 1995, a ripple effect remained from all of his efforts. We still feel that ripple effect today as we work to carry on his legacy through all that we do.

Why Lipsig?

Over the years, our dedicated focus on injured victims has helped us to grow in our knowledge and thrive in our field. Our successful results are proven, and the successes of our clients speak for themselves. To date, we have obtained over $500 million for our clients. These clients are our best assets, because they continue to recommend our services to others. We offer a Queens-based, locally-minded office and a focus on the people behind each and every personal injury story. Our consultations are completely confidential and completely free.


What We Do


What We Do

If you’ve been a personal injury victim, you know first-hand that the aftermath can be a lot to deal with. Insurance companies can easily take advantage of you during this confusing and stressful time. We work to ensure that this doesn’t happen and that they cannot use your words against you, to lower the payout of your claim.

Our experienced attorneys handle discussions with the insurance companies for you. We focus on taking the most stressful and time consuming things off of your plate, so that you can focus on healing. We believe that you deserve more, and work to get you all that we can.

According to research from the Insurance Research Council, those who obtain legal representation after sustaining a personal injury receive almost three times more monetary compensation than those who navigate the process alone.

Our Experience

We offer over 80 years of experience in many personal injury-focused areas, including:

Meet Our Team

What Should I do If I Have
Suffered A Personal Injury?

In Queens, accidents happen on a daily basis.

Have you been the victim of an accident? Are you struggling to get the support that you believe you deserve?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you are likely entitled to legal action:

  • Was your injury fully or partially caused by someone else?
  • Were you on the job or on property owned by someone else when injured?
  • Has your injury prevented you from working? Are you less productive at work because of your injury?
  • Have you applied for benefits and been denied?
  • Has someone in your family passed away because of the negligence of someone else?

If your situation aligns with any of the above criteria, it is important to talk to an experienced attorney in order to understand all of your rights before making important choices moving forward.

Proven Results: Queens

Personal Injury Compensation Won

$10 million

for a student in Queens who was a victim of school assault

$39 million

for a child in Queens who was struck by a car due to failure to install a traffic light

$20 million

for a woman in Queens who was struck by a bus

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford an attorney? What does it cost?

While you are exploring your rights, we offer completely free, completely confidential consultations. Should you decide to pursue legal action, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay absolutely nothing until we successfully win your settlement or case. We believe that the cost of hiring an attorney should not prevent you from getting what you justly deserve.

How much money is my case worth?

Because cases vary so much, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. Often, the value of your claim can depend on the severity of your injuries, the medical procedures necessary to recover, and your pain and suffering, among other things. We know that this is an important question in the process, and work to estimate the answer for you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we work to ensure that your case has as much value for you as possible, by handling your insurance company and case details properly.

Does filing a lawsuit mean that I have to go to court?

Filing a lawsuit does not necessarily mean that you will have to go to court. In many instances, victims are able to reach a successful settlement agreement. If this is not the case and court becomes a necessity, our attorneys work to thoroughly direct clients through every step of the process, and ensure that they feel as confident and comfortable as possible.

Do I need to hire an attorney?

If insurance companies are contacting you because you have suffered an injury, it is a good idea to evaluate your case with a dedicated attorney before discussing any details with them or answering any questions. Statements that seem safe to you can later be used against you, and can cause your case to have less value.

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