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Weekly Accident Roundup For 8/4/2017

In this week’s accident roundup: 6 people are injured when a van veers out control in a Queens park, 30 are injured in a water taxi accident in Manhattan, and a Queens skateboarder is killed in an accident with an MTA bus.

6 Injured By Van In Queens Park

In a bizarre incident in Queens, a man dressed in a clergyman’s white robe plowed his van into a car and two pedestrians before finally crashing into a pond on Saturday, July 29th. Two pedestrians and four car passengers were injured in the crash, and two of these victims suffered critical injuries.

The driver emerged from the van, which had bible verses painted on the back window, into knee-high water where he raised his hands in the air and exclaimed “Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!” Witnesses speculated that the driver appeared to be on drugs.

All six victims were taken to Jamaica Hospital and Long island Jewish Medical Center. The driver was also taken to Jamaica Hospital for an evaluation, but no criminal charges have been filed yet.

30 Injured In Manhattan Water Taxi Accident

On Friday, July 28th, a water taxi collided with a dock on the West Side of Manhattan, resulting in 30 injuries ranging in severity from minor to serious. No life-threatening injuries were sustained in the accident. The accident is currently under investigation by the Maritime Association – a group which regulates New York City’s commercial boating industry. No other details have been released yet.

Skateboarder Fatally Struck By MTA Bus

A 25-year old Queens man was killed in an accident involving an MTA bus on July 22nd, 2017. The man ran into the street to retrieve a skateboard, which he had dropped and was rolling away. He ran into the path of an MTA bus. The driver tried to veer out of the man’s way and avoid the crash, but was unable to. This accident is still under investigation.

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