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Queens Accident & Legal News Report: February 14, 2018

In our accident and legal news report for February 14th, we take a close look at an accident involving a fainting truck driver, another in which five firefighters were injured after crashing their truck into a wall, and talks of two major lawsuits against the city for a missing stop sign and a failure to provide public housing tenants with heat or hot water.

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Truck Driver Faints At Wheel, Crashes Into School Bus In Queens

A box truck driver fainted at the wheel and crashed into a parked school bus on at around 12:05 pm on Thursday, February 1st. Fortunately, the bus was unoccupied at the time of the accident. After the initial collision, the bus crashed into an unoccupied Lexus. The driver of the box truck was injured, rescued by firefighters, and brought to Jamaica Hospital for treatment. His injuries were non-life-threatening.

Woman Suing New York City For $45 Million Over Missing Stop Sign

A Queens mother is planning to sue the city for $45 million in a case involving a missing stop sign. The woman claims that this missing stop sign caused an auto accident which resulted in brain damage to her 1-month-old son.

The mother and her son were passengers in an Uber when another car T-boned them in the Cambria Heights section of Queens at 225th Street and 120th Street at around 1:10 pm on January 11th. She claims the city failed to replace the sign even after they’d received “actual and constructive notice.”

The mother hasn’t been able to return to work following the accident, as she’s been staying at home to care for her child. She says her son is still suffering from bleeding in his brain and extreme pain. Her son is suffering from traumatic brain injuries, a seizure disorder, and a neck injury, according to the notice of claim.

The woman is seeking $30 million in damages for her son’s injuries, $10 million for her own injuries, and $5 million for future care expenses.

The Department of Transportation replaced the sign hours after the accident.

Legal Aid Society Threatens Lawsuit Against NYCHA For Lack Of Heat In Apartments

The Legal Aid Society has told the New York City Housing Authority that they will sue unless the authority refunds up to $15 million in rent payments to tenants who have been deprived of heat or hot water during this harsh winter. The LAS has given NYCHA until February 21st to meet their request for reimbursements.

This winter has brought record cold temperatures to NewYork City, with the most days below freezing since 1961. NYCHA’s outdated boilers have been affected by the extreme cold, and 323,098 residents have been left without heat or hot water at various points during the season. According to NYCHA, 143,000 apartments have been without heat or hot water between October 1st, 2017 and January 22nd, 2018 for an average of 48 hours.

Lawyers for the LSA believe that between $2.5 million and $15 million in rent payments should be reimbursed, based on the figures of an average monthly rent of $509, or daily rent of $17.

5 Firefighters Injured When Truck Crashes Into Wall

A firetruck crashed through a wall while responding to an emergency call in Queens on Sunday, February 11th and five firefighters were injured in the accident. The truck crashed through the auto-parts warehouse at Liberty Avenue and 150th Street in the Jamaica section of the borough. The truck ripped a 12-foot hole into the brick exterior of the warehouse. Four out of the five firefighters declined medical attention at the scene, while the fifth was transported to North Shore University Medical Center. No civilians were hurt in the accident.

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