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When we are ill or injured, the hope is that a visit to the hospital or doctor’s office will provide us with a remedy that will get us back up on our feet in no time. Sadly in New York, medical professionals make mistakes every single day that put their patient’s lives on the line.

Our firm has handled cases in the past which involved:stethoscope used by doctor

  • misdiagnosis
  • prescription error
  • surgical mistakes
  • birth injuries

In each case, it is our goal to make sure the client gets the financial compensation they need to get the proper medical care, to pay for lost earnings, and to help cover any trauma they have experienced.

We understand that no amount can change the past but financial compensation can help make the future a better one. Let us guide you through the legal process, you have enough to worry about.

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Even with millions of safe drivers on the road, every day drunk drivers, distracted drivers, speeding drivers, and even overly tired drivers cause accidents that will forever change the future of their victims.

Common car crash injuries include:

  • fractures
  • spinal damage
  • brain trauma
  • burns

The medical care required to treat just one of these injuries can cost millions of dollars in a person’s lifetime – much more than the average car insurance policy. It’s simply unfair to expect these innocent victims to pay for injuries they weren’t responsible for, which is why the law allows them to pursue a lawsuit.

A lawsuit can provide many things for the plaintiff. If the victim sues, they may recover sums to pay for their medical expenses, lost wages, and more. If the victim was killed in the accident, their loved ones may be able to file on their behalf in order to recover compensation for their lost income, funeral and burial expenses, and lost inheritance.

Without an experienced attorney by their side, it can be difficult for a plaintiff to obtain the evidence they need in order to prove their case. That’s where our law firm comes in. Not only do we handle the necessary paperwork and speak with the insurance companies, but we also review the case with accident experts and collect the evidence needed.

There is a limit on who long a victim has to file called the statute of limitations, which is why you or your loved one should contact our office immediately to learn more.

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Construction Accident Lawyers Ready To Help Workers Recover Compensation

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In a city where new construction projects begin every single day, many employers chose to make saving money and time more important than their employee’s safety. Of course, when they do this, accidents happen and it is the employee that suffers.

While most workers know about workers’ compensation, what they might night realize is that even though this form of insurance is “no-fault”, it doesn’t mean that a claim will be approved. Even if a claim is approved, the amount paid may simply not be enough to save the worker from financial ruin, especially if they are unable to return to work.

Although a workers’ compensation claim means that the employee is not allowed to sue their employer, often there is a third party in construction accident cases who can be held responsible through a lawsuit. For example, if the injuries sustained were caused by a defective tool, the manufacturer or designer of that tool can be sued.

The compensation recovered in each case is different and depends on the actual losses sustained by the client but it should be enough to make sure they don’t have to worry about their finances while trying to heal.

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