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Can You File A Lawsuit After Being Injured On A Boat In Queens?

Every year, countless locals and tourists enjoy the water surrounding New York City during rides on tour boats, ferries, cruise ships, and other water vehicles. Seeing the city by boat offers some exquisite views of the iconic skyline from a relaxing environment on the water. While most passengers walk away from their boat ride with a positive experience to share with family and friends, not everyone is so fortunate. Occasionally, accidents happen on the water and people end up suffering serious injuries.hudson river skyline

4 Injured When Ferry Strikes Kayakers On Hudson River

In March of 2017, the Coast Guard concluded their investigation into a ferry boat collision with a group of kayakers on the Hudson River, which occurred in August of 2016. The investigation determined that both parties shared the blame for the accident which left 4 kayakers injured.

Manhattan Kayak Company was deemed negligent for failing to take actions early in the trip which could have prevented the collision, and for failing to notify ferry operators that their kayaking tour would be in the area.

The ferry captain was also found partially responsible for traveling at an unsafe speed and for failing to provide a lookout. The captain claimed that a glare from the sun caused him to crash – which could have been prevented if there was a proper lookout in place.

What Are Your Rights After A Boating Accident?

Most boat and water vehicle accidents could be prevented if everyone followed the proper safety rules. Unfortunately, some boat operators act carelessly and fail to appreciate the consequences of their actions. Operating a boat is not to be taken lightly – even a small error or lapse in judgement could lead to a serious accident with innocent people being injured.

Those who suffer injuries in boat accidents are often burdened with a variety of economic and noneconomic damages. If you’re in this situation, you may be undergoing expensive medical treatment and be unable to work because of your injuries. Along with the physical pain and emotional stress of your injury, you’re also likely dealing with serious financial stress.

If you were involved in a boat accident caused by a negligent operator, tour company, fellow passenger, or any other negligent party, you could have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. A lawsuit can help provide compensation for the various damages you’ve experienced because of your accident. Additionally, a lawsuit can also help hold negligent boat operators responsible for the damage they’ve caused.

Boat accidents often involve complex circumstances. It may not be immediately apparent who is responsible for causing you to be injured in a preventable crash. However, since the majority of these accidents are avoidable, that means there is a strong likelihood your accident may have been caused by negligence. In order to determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit, it’s usually necessary to discuss your situation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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