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How Can NYC Construction Worker Injuries Be Reduced Or Prevented?

Over the past few years, an uptick in New York City construction worker injuries has prompted unions and safety groups to call for safety improvements which could reduce the risk of injury. In a four-year period, construction injuries in the city spiked from 128 in 2011 to 435 in 2015. City lawmakers have responded to these concerns by drafting legislation which could improve safety regulations for one of New York’s most lucrative and dangerous industries.

Debate Over NYC Bill Requiring Safety Training

As of September 2017, NYC legislators have yet to come to an agreement regarding proposed legislation which would require construction workers on projects over three stories to undergo 59 hours of safety training. Last week, the bill was delayed once more after supports hoped it would be passed in June, July, and August. Workers’ unions and other supporters of the bill are opposed by a coalition of special interests, mainly comprised of real estate groups.

Following construction worker union protests near City Hall in 2015, legislators did enact several pieces of safety legislation. The Department of Buildings quadrupled fines for some safety violations. But the bill requiring safety training is still a highly contentious issue which has heated up because of primary elections in September.

How Filing A Lawsuit Can Make A Difference

When a construction worker suffers a serious injury because of inadequate safety on their job site, it’s important to hold construction site employers and owners liable for their negligence. Some workers may have the option to file personal injury lawsuits for these injuries, as long as they’re not covered under workers’ compensation. But in cases of extreme negligence, even those workers covered under workers’ comp could have legal recourse against their employers.

Filing a lawsuit demands accountability from these parties and helps provide the financial compensation victims of construction injuries need during their recoveries. If everyone who suffers an injury because of unsafe work conditions speaks out by taking legal action, these parties will feel more compelled to do more to keep their workers safe.

If you’ve recently been injured while working on a New York City construction site, our Queens construction injury lawyers can help you stand up for your legal rights. Contact us today to learn more in a free consultation.

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