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Woman Tragically Dies After Being Struck By Tow Truck In Queens

A 70-year old woman was fatally injured after being struck by a tow truck in Queens on Friday, July 7th. The incident occurred in Jamaica at around 2:30 PM. Police say the two truck driver was making a left turn and hit the woman as she was crossing the street.

The victim, Donna Hahl, passed away from her injuries after being taken to Jamaica Hospital.

29-year-old tow truck driver Mandip Singh faces charges of right of way violations and failure to exercise due care.

When Negligence Takes A Lifegreen tow truck

As tragic as this accident may be, the ultimate tragedy is the fact that innocent victims die because of negligent driving every day. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one leading cause of death for residents of New York State. Between 2012-2014, there was an average of about 1,100 traffic deaths per year.

If it weren’t for the careless safety violations of these drivers, thousands of families would still have time to spend with loved ones who passed away unexpectedly in preventable car accidents. While there may be no way of erasing the past or the grief of losing a loved one, the legal system can help hold negligent drivers responsible and provide the financial assistance surviving families often need.

Filing A Wrongful Death Claim After A Fatal Auto Accident

A fatal auto accident causes surviving families mental anguish and emotional pain along with economic damages. Clearly, the emotional toll is the most difficult part of losing a loved one. But for many families, an untimely death raises financial questions about how the family will continue to support themselves.

Negligent drivers fail to consider how their carelessness could hurt others, as well as themselves. Traffic laws are in place to protect New York’s drivers. Even when traffic rules are followed perfectly, there is the risk of an accident. Disregarding these rules makes an already dangerous form of transportation even more dangerous and greatly increases the chances of causing an accident.

Donna Hahl never should have been struck by that tow truck. Her family doesn’t deserve to grieve because of an accident that could have easily been prevented. For families in this situation, a wrongful death lawsuit can help hold negligent drivers responsible and provide the financial support families need, including damages for:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Healthcare expenses related to the fatal injury
  • Lost wages and benefits from the deceased family member
  • Value of support and services the deceased provided for the family
  • Value of parental care to surviving children
  • Lost inheritance for surviving children
  • Pain and suffering of the deceased during the fatal accident
  • 9% interest on the final damages award, calculated from the date of the fatal accident

For survivors of serious car accidents, personal injury lawsuits can help provide compensation for both economic and non-economic damages.

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