filing a lawsuit

Tips For Filing A Strong Hit And Run Lawsuit

After a hit and run accident, the dangerous driver who caused the situation should be facing penalties in line with the crime. The severity of the punishment will usually be in line with the injuries received by the accident victims, but dangerous drivers should know that they will always be punished for hit and run accidents.

If you are involved in a hit and run accident, it is important to file a strong lawsuit to protect yourself. There are tips to follow that will help you to make sure that the lawsuit you file gets the proper attention it deserves.

Why File A Hit And Run Lawsuit At All?

filing a lawsuit

On December 14, 2015, a man in Queens, NY was arrested after he was identified as the driver in a serious hit and run accident. The 21-year-old victim was simply going to meet people for lunch when this dangerous driver put her in the hospital with serious head and leg injuries.

After they had arrested the man, the police ran his record and found out that he had seven prior arrests, with one arrest pertaining to illegally having a handgun. It is unknown if the man had ever been arrested for a hit and run accident, but his fate will be determined by what happens to his victim. In any case, this is one hit and run driver who will be taken off the road and unable to harm anyone in the near future.

Filing a hit and run lawsuit not only allows the victim to collect the compensation they deserve for their injuries, but it also deters criminals from committing these crimes in the future. A dangerous driver is not a threat to anyone when he is serving time in jail.

The Process For Filing A Lawsuit

According to, a hit and run accident could involve a driver hitting another person and driving away, or a driver hitting another vehicle and not sticking around to face the consequences. If you see a hit and run accident, you can help out the victim by getting the license plate number of the car that left the scene. You can report that plate number to the victim or, if the victim is unable to receive the information, you can contact the police.

To file a proper hit and run lawsuit, you should attempt to collect the names of witnesses, get pictures of the scene, and write down all of the location details. You will need the exact time of the accident, the date, and the names of any other people involved as victims. If the victim is unable to collect this information on their own, then someone at the scene should do so and turn the information over to the police.

Getting Compensation

In the state of New York, victims of hit and run accidents that involve uninsured drivers can still collect compensation from their own auto insurance policies. If the dangerous driver is insured, then all of the compensation will either come from their auto insurance policy, or their personal income if the compensation award exceeds their insurance coverage limits.

With hit and run accidents, it is important to consider filing your lawsuit as soon as possible. There is a statute of limitation in the state of New York of three years for personal injury claims. But insurance companies have ways of twisting the information to make filing the lawsuit difficult. That is why it is important to contact an attorney and file your suit as soon as you can after your hit and run accident.

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