What Happens When Another’s Negligence Causes A New York Camping Injury?

Every summer, families from Queens and all over New York City look forward to bonding experiences during camping trips. These getaways to upstate New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New England allow us to spend quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of city life. When you’re out there in the wilderness, it’s important to be prepared and safe. But unfortunately, even when you do everything you can to make your family comfortable, unexpected injuries can happen on campgrounds.

There are a variety of camping hazards which can cause injuries, and sometimes other campers behave irresponsibly and end up hurting others by accident. In some cases, campgrounds fail to provide the necessary safety measures to protect their guests. These injuries can cause many difficulties for families, including high medical bills, missed time from work, and pain and suffering – just to name a few. When someone else’s negligence ends up hurting you or a loved one, it may be necessary to take legal action in order to get the financial compensation your family needs.

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Negligence is the legal term used when someone’s reckless behavior results in another person’s injury. There are several common forms of negligence which can cause injuries during a camping trip:

  • Fire hazards – Many campgrounds already provide their own firepits, but others allow campers to build their own. It’s important to be knowledgeable of the safe way to build, maintain, and put out fires. If another camper fails to follow safety measures and ends up spreading a large fire, other campers could get seriously injured.
  • Poorly maintained trashcans – When you’re in the woods, it’s extremely important to take the necessary precautions to keep dangerous wildlife away. Campgrounds should have metal trash cans which are locked and which contain food odors. This will help prevent bears or other dangerous animals from entering your campsite in search of food.
  • Inadequate staffing and supervision – Government-run parks are required to employ rangers who will monitor the grounds and make sure that there are no safety hazards present. Unfortunately, not every park is properly staffed and sometimes a lack of supervision results in a camper getting injured by a preventable hazard. Sometimes, staff members may have been improperly trained in how to handle the common dangers faced by campers.
  • Poorly maintained trails – It’s important to keep hiking trails free of any hazards which could cause an injury. Campgrounds should have an employee who is designated to maintain all hiking trails.
  • Lack of safety signs – Campgrounds should have plenty of signs posted which outline the safety rules for guests and warn of any potential dangers on site. This will help limit the risk of other campers causing injuries due to negligent behavior.

If any of these forms of negligence (or any other irresponsible behavior) caused you or a family member to get hurt during a camping trip, you may be worried about your new and unexpected expenses. Consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer who has experiencing seeking compensation for preventable camping injuries.

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Child Injuries At Summer Camps

Summertime also means enriching experiences at overnight summer camps for our children. When we send our kids away to camp, we expect that they’ll be looked after by responsible adults who will keep them safe. Unfortunately, sometimes preventable accidents happen and our kids get hurt. When the injury could have been prevented if it weren’t for campground or employee negligence, you may be able to recover damages in a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced lawyer can help you determine if you have a strong case.

Common examples of child summer camp injuries include:

  • Bus accidents – Many summer camps transport kids via bus. It’s important for these bus drivers to closely follow all the rules of the road and to drive safely. If a summer camp bus driver causes an accident through negligent driving, the camp could face a lawsuit for allowing children to be injured.
  • Drowning – One of the best parts of camp is swimming in beaches and swimming pools on the grounds. Obviously, supervision is extremely important when anyone is swimming – especially children. There is no excuse for a summer camp allowing a child to drown on their watch.
  • Falls – Camp management should make sure the grounds and playground equipment are free of any slip, trip, or fall hazards. An accidental fall can cause serious injuries like broken bones, cuts, traumatic brain injuries, and more.
  • Child abuse – Sadly, many workplaces and organizations which involve working with kids attract the wrong kind of people. There have been numerous cases nationwide of children being physically, sexually, or verbally abused by summer camp volunteers and staff members. Camps should run thorough background checks and have strict hiring standards to avoid allowing dangerous people to hurt kids.

How Can A Lawyer Help After A Camp Injury?

When campground negligence causes an injury, it’s important to hold the campground liable for the variety of hardships an injury creates. Families affected by these unfortunate accidents often require additional compensation to keep up with new expenses and their standard of living. Additionally, it’s important to hold these sites accountable so that they can make the necessary safety improvements which could prevent future injuries.

Many campgrounds and children’s summer camps ask guests to sign a waiver of liability. These agreements are often complex and will protect the facility from certain types of lawsuits. But most forms of negligence will likely not be covered under such an agreement. If you signed a waiver, it will be necessary to have a personal injury lawyer look it over to determine the best course of legal action for you and your family.

At Lipsig Queens, our experienced personal injury lawyers are prepared to analyze each aspect of your case and help you receive the full compensation your family deserves after a preventable camping injury.