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Queens School Bus Accident Sends 17 Kids To Hospital

Reckless drivers are a nuisance to all other motorists. Carelessness behind the wheel often leads to accidents, and innocent victims get hurt. Auto accidents are particularly troubling when children are involved, which is what happened when a Queens school bus collided with a commercial box truck last Friday, May 26th.

25 children were on the bus at the time of the accident, and 17 of those 25 were sent to the hospital with injuries. Luckily, these injuries were all relatively minor. But this is certainly not always the case. These kids were fortunate not to suffer more serious injuries, considering collisions between two large vehicles like this could have caused much more damage.

The cause of this accident is still under investigation. Depending on who was at fault, parents of children injured in school bus crashes could potentially hold a couple of different parties liable.

What If The School Bus Driver Was At Fault?kids getting on school bus

If the accident was caused by the school bus driver, then it’s possible to hold the school district liable for damages. Bus drivers are employees of the school district and a school could bear part of the responsibility for the accident.

Schools also have a responsibility to properly screen bus drivers and make sure that they have clean driving records. Additionally, it’s important to regularly maintain school buses to make sure they’re road-safe. Failure to follow these precautions could constitute negligence and be grounds for a lawsuit.

If the crash was caused by an automotive defect, then it may be possible to hold the bus manufacturer liable.

What If The Other Driver Was To Blame?

If the other driver caused the accident, then parents could seek legal action against them personally. If this driver was in the middle of work duties, such as the case with the box truck driver in this Queens accident, then you would file a lawsuit against his or her employer. These employers should have insurance which covers work-related accidents caused by their employees. It’s also much easier to receive compensation from a company since their pockets are much deeper than an individual employee.

How Do I Know Who’s At Fault?

Everything happens very quickly in an accident, and it can be difficult to piece all the details together afterward. If you suspect that another driver was to blame for your child’s school bus accident, consider meeting with a personal injury lawyer with experience in these matters. He or she can help you by gathering police reports and analyzing physical evidence from the scene.

In most accidents, one party isn’t 100% at fault. Usually, there are numerous factors which contribute to an accident. But if the courts determine that you bear less than 50% of the responsibility for the accident, you will be permitted to sue the other driver for damages.

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