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Should I File A Lawsuit After A Queens Taxi Cab Accident?

Each year, cab drivers in Queens and throughout New York City’s five boroughs give about 240 million rides to locals, tourists, and visitors in the city. While the public transportation system can usually get you where you need to go, sometimes it’s easier and less time-consuming to simply hail one of the tens of thousands of cabs on the street at any given moment. While this is usually a safe and convenient form of transportation, sometimes cabs get involved in accidents which involve serious passenger injuries.

How Safe Are Cab Passengers?

A popular study by Schaller Consulting revealed that cab drivers in NYC are actually less accident-prone than other drivers. This seems like good news for cab passengers, as they’re less likely to be involved in an accident than if they were driving with themselves or a passenger in a friend’s vehicle. However, when a cab accident does occur, passengers often suffer more severe injuries than the average accident involving two non-cab vehicles. The study also showed that bicyclists are more likely to be injured by a cab than by another vehicle.

There are a couple of possible reasons cab accident injuries tend to be more severe. First, passengers are less likely to wear a seatbelt in a cab than they would in another vehicle. Second, the plastic safety partition between the front and the back seats can cause injuries if a passenger collides with it in an accident.

Taking Legal Action After A Cab Accident

After suffering a serious injury in a cab accident, it’s important to recover the full financial compensation you’re entitled to. A serious injury can disrupt your ability to work and enjoy life’s pleasures, along with forcing you to undergo lengthy and expensive medical treatment. It can take months or even years to fully recover, and some accident victims are left with permanent disabilities.

In the aftermath of any car accident, it’s important to ask how the crash could have been avoided. If one or more drivers caused the accident due to some form of negligent driving, it’s important to hold them accountable and make sure the victims on the other side get the help they need.

A personal injury lawsuit can help provide financial compensation for both economic and noneconomic damages following an auto accident. Along with financial ramifications like lost wages and high medical bills, an accident can cause emotional distress, pain and suffering, and a loss in quality of life. All of these damages are eligible for financial compensation in a personal injury claim.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident involving a Queens taxi cab, our auto accident lawyers can help. We’ll help you explore your options and determine if you have a case in a free consultation. Contact us today to begin planning for your injury recovery.

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