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Multiple Injuries In Concrete Slab Collapse At Queens Construction Site

Six construction workers were injured in Queens on June 26th, 2017 when a concrete slab collapsed on their site. The slab was being poured into the shape of a floor on the eighth level of an apartment building.

The six workers suffered minor to moderate injuries which included back, leg, and arm injuries. All were determined to be in stable condition.

The incident is under investigation by the Department of Buildings and a stop work order has been placed on the construction site. The Department also issued an aggravated violation to the contractor in charge of the site for failure to safeguard the site. Evidence of damaged scaffolding and leaning wood framing was found at the site.’

Queens Has A Serious Construction Safety Problempouring concrete

This incident is just the latest in a wave of preventable construction accidents which has swept through Queens and all of New York City. Both fatal and non-fatal injuries have skyrocketed since 2011, and at the same time safety inspections have gone down. Contractors, project managers, and construction site owners have gotten away with their indifference to safety standards for too long. We must do more to demand better safety protections for the workers who help our city continue to grow.

Another Queens-based construction company was recently barred from working in the city after a floor collapse seriously injured three workers. Heavy construction materials were loaded onto an unstable floor which had not been evaluated for safety.

It’s too common for construction company owners to disregard employee safety by cutting corners. Saving a little bit of money is not more important than the health of any worker. It’s important for victims of these accidents to speak out about their experiences and take action against responsible parties.

How Can Injured Construction Workers Be Compensated?

If you’ve been injured in a serious construction accident, it’s important to get the financial compensation you need while you recover. If you’re classified as an employee, this would mean a claim for workers’ compensation. But in many cases, injured construction workers also have grounds for a personal injury claim.

In order to file a lawsuit, you must prove that a third party’s negligence directly caused your injury. However, in cases of extreme negligence, you could possibly have grounds for a lawsuit against your employer. For example, if a blatant safety violation caused the accident you got injured in, your employer could potentially be held liable. This lawsuit could help provide additional compensation beyond workers’ comp, and can also demand more accountability from the construction industry as a whole.

Construction injury cases are complex and usually involve many unique circumstances. In order to determine your best option for pursuing compensation, it’s usually best to have your case reviewed by an experienced work injury lawyer.

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