America Mexico wall

Queens Assemblywoman Strikes Back At Trump’s Wall

The most famous part of President Trump’s immigration policy is the 1,900-mile wall he says he will build between the United States and Mexico to help slow the flow of illegal immigrants into the country. Trump has also indicated that he feels that a wall would help prevent the violence associated with Mexican drug cartels from causing problems with Texas border towns.

Ever since he was elected president, Trump has had to contend with Democratic lawmakers at every level of government who want to derail his presidency. The newest example is Queens Democratic assemblywoman Nily Rozic, who wants to ban any company that takes part in building the wall from ever doing business in the state of New York.

America Mexico wall

Construction Of The Wall

The border between the United States and Mexico is currently protected by the Rio Grande River and 635 feet of fencing that is 18 feet high. Trump has not indicated whether or not he would allow the Rio Grande to stand on its own as border protection, so we are forced to assume that he will build his wall across the entire length of the 1,900-mile long border. The wall would be 40 feet high and be made primarily of pre-cast concrete slabs.

When he was on the campaign trail, Donald Trump indicated that his wall would cost around $10 billion to build, and he vowed that Mexico would pay for it. However, ever since the election, Trump has made it clear that American taxpayers will be footing the bill, and the costs are now estimated to be anywhere from $15 billion to $25 billion.

The Assemblywoman’s Ban Proposal

Rozic’s proposal is simple, but it seems personally motivated. Under Rozic’s plan, any contractor that works on Trump’s wall would never be allowed to bid on projects in New York State or act as a subcontractor on state projects. The proposal also prevents the state from investing money into any company that takes part in the wall project.

Rozic has said that her proposal is designed to deter companies that want to do business in New York State from helping to make Donald Trump’s immigration plans a reality. While the proposal sounds like it is turning a construction job into a political issue, there is a precedent for the border wall ban. The State of New York already has a ban on doing business with any company that does business in or with the country of Iran, and a ban on dealing with companies that actively boycott Israel.

The Democratically-run New York Assembly will more than likely be interested in putting together wording that could someday become law. But the Republican-led Senate in New York State will more than likely kill the legislation before it even has a chance to get to the governor’s desk. Rozic offers no economic or business-related reasoning for her proposal. It is a law based on party politics, and it appears that her party is outnumbered in this particular fight.

Should New York Consider The Idea?

Wall construction

Trump’s wall project does raise some potential issues that may lend some merit to Rozic’s proposal. In order to build the wall, the federal government would have to acquire all the land it needs to build on. Those costs have not been factored into the costs, and the land buying costs could be substantial.

There is a worker shortage in the construction industry that has already raised costs for job owners and caused problems for small to medium-sized companies looking for workers. It is estimated that Trump’s wall could take thousands of workers approximately four years to build. If that many workers were removed from the residential and commercial construction industries for that long of a period of time, the industry could collapse.

The fact remains that Rozic is looking to “send a message” with her legislation idea, and not offer a practical method for preventing the collapse of the construction industry. While her idea will gain favor with Democrats all over the state, it may not gain the momentum it needs to become a law.

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