Can Property Owners Be Held Liable For Slip & Fall Injuries Caused By Inadequate Lighting?

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It’s a privilege to live in a city as fast-paced and action-packed as New York. As part of the privilege of living here, we all have a responsibility to behave safely and responsibly. Property owners have a special legal obligation to make sure their properties are regularly maintained and free of any dangerous conditions which could end up injuring their neighbors or visitors to the city. Although you might not expect “the city that never sleeps” to have any issues with inadequate lighting, the problem is actually fairly common. When a negligent property owner fails to keep their building and the area surrounding it well-lit, there are a variety of trip or slip and fall hazards which could cause serious injuries to visitors and passersby.

If you’ve been injured in a slip or trip and fall accident in Queens or any other part of New York City, it’s important to understand your legal rights. Property owners who fail to keep their premises safe can be held liable under a concept called premises liability. The victims of these preventable accidents may have the opportunity to recover financial compensation for both economic and noneconomic losses by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Our Queens personal injury lawyers help these victims get the support they need.

Accidents Commonly Caused By Inadequate Lighting

Poorly-lit properties create a variety of unique hazards and can make other dangerous conditions worse. Some of the most common accidents related to inadequate lighting include:

  • Tripping and falling over obstructions and barriers in poorly lit parking lots
  • Slipping and falling on isolated patches of ice which were not visible due to poor lighting
  • Tripping and falling in over obstructions in a dimly-lit hallway
  • Tripping and falling on uneven or broken sidewalks which were poorly lit
  • Falling down stairs because you were unable to judge your steps

In any trip or slip and fall accident, it’s important to ask how the accident happened and how it may have been prevented. If you’re considering legal action after your accident, we advise speaking with an experienced Queens personal injury lawyer who can work to uncover who was responsible for the hazardous conditions that caused your accident and injuries.

When Can You Sue A Property Owner For Poor Lighting?

Slip and fall accidents often cause severe, permanent, and sometimes even fatal injuries. The victims of these injuries often struggle with high medical expenses, missed time from work, and other personal and financial setbacks. When a slip or trip and fall accident only occurs because of a property owner’s negligence, the injury victim can hold that property owner financially liable by filing a premises liability personal injury lawsuit.

In order to prove property owner negligence for a poor lighting accident, you and your legal counsel must prove three separate things:

  • You were legally on the property and not trespassing
  • The property had a hazardous condition which the property owner knew of or reasonably should have known of
  • The property owner failed to address this hazardous condition in a timely manner, which caused your accident and injuries

Establishing property owner negligence in a premises liability case involves a careful investigation by a personal injury firm with experience in New York City slip and fall cases. Your lawyer can help guide you through all aspects of a lawsuit.

What You Should Know Before Filing A Lawsuit

Slip and fall cases are some of the most complicated forms of personal injury lawsuits. In order to have grounds for a lawsuit, it’s important to find legal counsel who understands how to prove property owner negligence. Cases involving city and state property are particularly complex, as taking legal action against the government is even more complicated than lawsuits filed against private parties.

While securing a settlement or favorable court ruling may be difficult, having the aid of an experienced Queens slip and fall lawyer makes it much easier. Our lawyers understand how to investigate accident scenes, how to establish negligence, and how to present evidence effectively in court. Additionally, we have the negotiation skills to help you arrive at a settlement without having to go through the headache of a long litigation process. To find out more about your legal options and begin seeking accountability and financial support, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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