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4 Children, 3 Adults Hospitalized After Queens Car Crash

On Friday, June 16th, 2017, a 2-car accident in Queens sent 7 people to the hospital. Among the injured were three small children and an infant. The three adults involved in the crash suffered minor injuries, while the child injuries were much more serious. A 2-month-old boy was in critical condition.

A blue BMW driving south on 162nd St. in Flushing struck a beige Nissan crossing 32nd Ave. Bystanders intervened to help the injured passengers.

While the accident is still under investigation and no charges have been filed yet, police suspect that the blue BMW ran a stop sign.

Are Drivers Of Luxury Cars More Aggressive?totaled black bmw

It may sound silly, but multiple studies have shown that drivers of luxury cars (like BMWs) are more likely to break traffic rules and engage in such reckless behaviors as cutting off other drivers or neglecting to stop at crosswalks.

Another study examined the correlation between wealth and social behavior and found that the wealthy are generally less empathetic and less concerned about the well-being of others. Wealth tends to make people feel like they are more deserving of success, and that other people are inferior. Of course, this isn’t true of all wealthy people. But these studies have uncovered a significant correlation.

If the blue BMW driver in this accident did indeed run the stop sign, one has to wonder if this sense of superiority had something to do with their decision to disregard traffic rules.

Justice For Victims Of Aggressive Drivers

When an accident is caused by a blatant disregard of traffic laws (such as running a stop sign), passengers in the other vehicle have the right to seek compensation from the negligent driver who caused the accident. Compensation through a personal injury lawsuit is often necessary to cover the multitude of injury-related expenses after a serious car accident. These lawsuits also help to hold reckless drivers responsible for their carelessness.

Regardless of what type of car you drive or how much of a rush you may be in, no one is above the law. Those who violate basic traffic rules endanger the lives of others. Four young children are suffering with serious injuries from an accident which may have been caused by one of these violations. In cases like this, it’s important for victims to stand up for their rights so that they may receive the compensation they deserve and hold the negligent driver liable for the damages he or she has caused.

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